Kick the Yo-Yo Out of Dieting

yo yo diet

The old saying “you win some, you lose some” could easily be rephrased when it comes to dieting: “You lose some, you gain some.”

For too many of us, life has become run by the constant ups and downs of the numbers on the scale. We move from one weight loss regimen to the next, constantly trying to lose weight or keep lost weight off, telling ourselves each time that this is the last attempt. Instead of feeling confident after a diet, we hold on to the clothes that have become too loose, “just in case.” Because we learned from experience that diet success isn’t always—or hardly ever—meant to last. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

The Diet Dilemma

Every time we reduce our calorie intake during a diet, our metabolism slows down, leaving us feeling sluggish and frustrated. Even worse, once we reach our weight loss goals and eat regular meals again, the slower metabolism can’t manage the increased calorie intake and the lost pounds come back like a boomerang. In an effort to lose the regained weight, we start yet another diet … and another, each of them wreaking new havoc on our body and metabolism, making it harder to lose weight and sustain the results with every new try. Instead of finally losing those unwanted pounds, we start to lose hope that our dieting days will ever be over.

The good news is, they can be! We can undo the damage that dieting has done to our metabolism, body, and mind. We can get a fresh start and finally lose the weight for good, without feeling hungry and tired in the process! The key is to reset our metabolism at the beginning of our weight loss program so that it functions at its optimal level again, during and after the diet.

Give Your Metabolism a Fresh Start

This is what German holistic therapist Hubertus Trouillé discovered over 25 years ago when he developed Almased, an all-natural, gluten-free weight loss solution made from non-GMO soy, skim milk yogurt powder, and enzyme-rich honey in a unique fermentation process.

Rather than simply reduce calorie intake or suppress appetite to aid with weight loss, his patented formula helps to reset the metabolism from day one and keeps it active throughout the diet and beyond. Even though you will lower your daily calorie intake as part of the weight loss program, your metabolism will not slow down. You will burn fat and keep muscle mass, your energy level and mood will improve, and you can even reduce the negative effects of aging and feel rejuvenated thanks to a healthy level of natural HGH, the youth hormone. At the same time, you will feel full and avoid cravings because your thyroid function, blood sugar, leptin, and ghrelin levels will be supported. All that without any artificial fillers, flavors, added sugars, preservatives or stimulants.

What might sound like another fad diet has been the most popular weight loss and weight management solution in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria for decades. Almased is more than a diet, it’s a way of life. It’s quick, easy, and effective. The patented formula is so safe that even people with diabetes can use it. The positive effects on body weight and overall health have been documented in over 10 years of clinical studies at renowned universities.

Unlike other diet supplements that are only supported by research on one or more of their ingredients, the majority of the studies on Almased have been conducted using the Almased powder itself and show the effectiveness of the Almased plan as a whole. Almased is the only product that has been shown to have such a variety of positive effects on the metabolism.

Since its introduction to the United States, an increasing number of dieters have trusted Almased as a natural, healthy way of shedding unwanted weight and changing the way they look and feel. Just like they did, you can say goodbye to dieting for good by starting your Almased journey today!


The Taste for Life Staff

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In 1985, noted scientist and holistic therapist Hubertus Trouillé created the unique Almased formula to treat and improve the metabolism of his patients in Germany. Based on their results, Almased was found to be very effective for losing weight and supporting psychological and physical performance.

Today, more than 25 years after Almased’s invention, the company is owned and operated by Hubertus Trouillé’s son, André Trouillé.

Almased is still manufactured under the same quality standards and patented processes as it was when originally developed and is the best-selling weight loss product in Germany. In 1998, AlmasedUSA, Inc. was founded to bring the remarkable Almased products to Americans who seek to achieve or maintain a healthy weight while enhancing their overall health and wellness.

For more about the Almased diet program, visit Almased on the web, or call our customer service toll-free at 1-877-256-2733.