Cinnamon Produce Washes?

Leafy greens such as lettuce and spinach are the top causes of food poisoning in this country.

Which makes research from the University of Maryland even more intriguing.

University researchers recently implanted E. coli and Salmonella on lettuce pieces. They then treated the lettuce with either a solution of chlorine or a solution of cinnamaldehyde (the natural compound that gives cinnamon its flavor and scent).

They found the cinnamon essential oil worked just as well as chlorine in controlling the bacteria.

They believe their work demonstrates the potential of someday using the cinnamaldehyde compound in a lettuce wash product.

Essential oils should not be taken internally.

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"Antimicrobial activity of plant essential oils against Escherichia coli . . . and salmonella on lettuce" by N. Yossa et al., Foodborne Pathog Dis