Exploring Wellness with Expos

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What if there was one location where you could find all of the new, natural, and local products you’ve been looking for?

There is. For those looking to expand their natural-health horizons or build their own business, nationwide expo events offer the perfect way to explore what’s new in the industry.

At these festival-like events, representatives from hundreds of companies nationwide are on-site to offer information as well as products to test and purchase.

Become a Better Buyer

One notable event is Alive! Expo, which offers consumers the chance to explore natural health and wellness.

Alive Expo 2016

The event, slated for April 16-17 in Atlanta, Georgia, will feature presentations and exhibits from supplement and personal care companies. The expo also allows attendees food and wine tasting opportunities. Additionally, guests can check out interactive demonstrations of yoga, Pilates, and other workouts or seminars about the natural living industry.

This organization also hosts an annual Alive! Festival in October. The festival, which similarly highlights natural and sustainable products, will take place in Suwanee, Georgia.

Healthy living expos are popping up around the country. Some expos may even offer travel packages that include lodging and transportation if you want to build a mini-vacation around an event.

Building Your Own Business

If you are running or starting a business in the health and wellness industry, The Healthy & Natural Show gives you the chance to browse hot products and talk to other retailers.

The Healthy and Natural Show

Attendees of this trade show, which runs from May 5-7 at the Navy Pier in Chicago, will learn about new innovations and sustainable products. The weekend also offers live events and retailer conferences. With its Chicago location, the event is expected to host exhibits from more than 100 local and national natural-product companies. 

This this year’s headlining speaker will be Dr. Joseph Mercola, DO, a wellness expert who has been noted by the Huffington Post, CNN, and other major publications.

Click below for more information about either event: 

Alive! Expo

The Healthy & Natural Show

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