Rhodiola May Ease Burnout

Few people seem immune to the symptoms of stress related “burnout”—fatigue, lack of concentration, and poor mood. Researchers set out to study the effects of Rhodiola rosea on burnout symptoms, knowing that the herb has been shown to have adaptogenic properties. They recruited 118 adults with burnout syndrome to take 400 milligrams of rhodiola extract per day for 12 weeks.

Most symptoms were reduced during the course of the study, and some gains were seen after just one week. Participants reported improvements in “emotional exhaustion,” “lack of joy,” “loss of zest for life,” and “depersonalization,” as well as increases in sexual interest and functioning.

Feel Better, Exercise Longer

In addition to feeling better emotionally, rhodiola, when combined with Cordyceps sinensis, another adaptogen herb, seems to enhance people's endurance capacity during aerobic exercise. Both herbs have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant functions.

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