Mushroom-to-Herb Comparisons

medicinal mushrooms and healing herbs
Mushroom-to-Herb Comparisons
Mushroom Herb Notes
Agarikon Olive Leaf Agarikon supports a balanced immune response and was describe as the "elixir of long life" by the Greek physician Dioscorides.§ If you like the support for a balanced immune response you may get from Olive Leaf, you should give Agarikon a try!§
Turkey Tail Flax Seed Turkey Tail acts as a prebiotic, feeding the "good bugs" in the digestive system.§ If you enjoy Flax Seed for its digestive health and immune support, you'll love the similar supportive attributes offered by Turkey Tail!*
Chaga Chamomile Chaga's antioxidant properties offer support against daily free-radical damage.§ If you're familiar with the antioxidant and gastrointestinal supportive properties of Chamomile, Chaga may be a great opportunity to expand your supplement routine.§
Lion's Mane Ginkgo Lion's Mane support cognitive functioning by promoting mental clarity, focus, and memory.§ Though Ginkgo doesn't share Lion's Mane's signature appearance, it does offer similar memory and nerve supportive qualities.§
Reishi Hawthorn Reishi is known for supporting general wellness and vitality.§ Its additional qualities include cardiovascular support and modulation against environmental triggers. You'll find similar qualities in the herb Hawthorn, or Hawthorn Berry, known for its antioxidant and cardiovascular support.
Cordyceps Tribulus Cordyceps is favored by athletes related to energy and muscle function.* Tribulus is more commonly known for its libido support, which happens to be another boost Cordyceps can offer.§
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