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Jennifer Lawrence in Mockingjay Hunger Games

In honor of the release of Mockingjay: Part 2, the final installment of the Hunger Games film series, we'd like to give you a taste of each district with delicious, healthy recipes. Districts of the Panem – a nation depicted in the series – are regions, similar to states.

Explore Panem with these recipes:

The Capitol: (The Ruling Power) In the capitol, a city which governs the 12 outside districts, residents eat fancy, exotic foods. They have access to everything the other districts do not. Oranges with a creamy sauce are an example of what is served here.
We suggest: Orange Coconut Macaroons

District 1: (The Luxury District) District 1 is responsible for making luxury items for the capitol, such as clothes and perfume. They are the wealthiest district.
We suggest: Wilted Greens with Lemon Shrimp

District 2: (The Masonry District) Residents of the Masonry District, the second wealthiest district, are in charge of the making and laying of bricks and stones. For this, one needs strength. A great super-strength food is alfalfa.
We suggest: Raw No-Fish Sushi

District 3: (The Technology District) District 3 specializes in building televisions and computers. Although they work with all of the technology, the citizens of District 3 would prefer a more affordable option.
We suggest: Spicy Pad Thai

District 4: (The Fishing District) With all of the fishing that goes on in District 4, it would be silly not to offer this recipe.
We suggest: Oven Roasted Fish - Mediterranean Style

District 5: (The Power District) District 5 provides power for all of Panem. With all of that power, the citizens need energy. Protein is perfect for helping with that.
We suggest: Quinoa Protein Bars

District 6: (The Transportation District) District 6 is full of mechanics, conductors, baggage handlers, and more. This district needs foods that can help relieve joint pain, in this case, olive oil.
We suggest: Mediterranean Lemon Olive Oil Cake

District 7: (The Lumber District) District 7 contains all of the carpenters and lumberjacks. With all of the axes being used, these citizens needs a super-strength food like wheatgrass.
We suggest: Chocolate Mint Smoothie

District 8: (The Textiles District) District 8 makes all textiles and clothing. This is an urban region that smells of industrial fumes. They need something a little greener to help them out.
We suggest: Make Your Own Laundry Soap

District 9: (The Grain District) District 9 is responsible for all the grain of Panem. They've got farmers, croppers, and harvesters.
We suggest: Whole Grain Vegetable Salad

District 10: (The Livestock District) District 10 provides beef for the Capitol. They have farmers, milkers, and ranchers.
We suggest: Slow Cooked Beef Stew

District 11: (The Agriculture District) District 11 is full of orchards and wheat fields. Mix them together for an awesome salad.
We suggest: Wheat Berry Salad

District 12: (The Coal Mining District) The district that Katniss and Peeta come from. Although they primarily focus on coal mining, they have bakers. Before the games, Peeta works at a bakery and gives a hungry Katniss some bread.
We suggest: Irish Soda Bread

District 13: (The Nuclear Weaponry District) Thought to have been destroyed, District 13 has been hiding underground. Add some carrots, which grow underground, with a splash of nuclear green and get a great soup!
We suggest: Cream of Spinach and Carrot Soup

May the odds be ever in your flavor.

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