Chefs Life Cooking Oils

Drizzle, Dip, Sauté, Roast, and More!
three bottles of cooking oil from Chefs Life

When I was first learning to cook I faithfully watched How to Boil Water, a flagship program on the nascent Food Network. I adored this show. It broke down cooking techniques with easy-to-understand language and visuals. I learned how to perfectly steam broccoli, and how to best hard-boil an egg. In plain and simple steps, the intimidation of home cooking was dispelled for me. This break-it-down-to-the-basics style reminds me of Chefs Life cooking oils.

What I love about these stylishly packaged oils is the easily viewed description on each bottle. In bold black lettering on each stark white bottle are details on exactly how to use it. Take the avocado, olive, sunflower, and grapeseed blend. On this bottle it clearly states: Use this oil for cooking (sauté, fry, roast, bake).

The evoo (extra-virgin olive oil), avocado, and grapeseed variety tells you it’s for blending and is best enjoyed in dressings, aiolis, and more.

The last of the three is the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This bottle reminds you it’s best for finishing (drizzle, dip, celebrate). And couldn’t we all use more reminders to celebrate in life?

These tall and elegant bottles are easy to spot on the counter or in the cabinet. They’re comfortable to grip. Their large-font, easy-to-read lettering makes it a breeze to find the one you want at a moment’s notice.

Created by Chef Brian Malarkey and his friends, the goal of these oils is for home cooks to have access to pro-level products so they can make the best food. I really appreciate that the oils are non-GMO.

Their Ultimate Trio Pack, which contains the three varieties above, costs $39.99. Single bottles retail for $12.99 each. The website offers many technique videos and restaurant-quality recipes featuring Chefs Life oils. A portion of the company’s proceeds goes to helping those in the hospitality industry get back on their feet after hardships.


Lisa Fabian

Contributing Editor

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