Harvest Snaps Red Lentil Loops

Mouth-Wateringly Tangy and Deeply Crunchy
a bowl of baked red lentil snacks

Summer puts me in a snacking mood. Maybe it’s the sun, vacation days, no school—I’m not sure, but I love discovering new snack items.

My latest find is Harvest Snaps Baked Red Lentil Snacks Crunchy Loops.

There are three flavors in this family: Kick’N BBQ, Tangy Sweet Chili, and Sour Cream & Onion. I tried all three.

  • The Kick’N BBQ was spicy and a little sweet.
  • The Tangy Sweet Chili lived up to its name. It had tang, a little heat, and a kick of sweet spice.
  • My favorite, though, was the Sour Cream & Onion. To me, these were better than potato chips of the same ilk. Mouth-wateringly tangy and deeply crunchy, these are good eating on their own, or alongside a bowl of soup or a sandwich.

Flavor aside, this is just a fun snack to eat. The product is baked into circular loops about one-inch in diameter. Addictively crunchy, they look like mini onion rings.

Sourced from high-quality, non-GMO red lentils, these flavored crisps are veggie based and certified gluten free, and they have no artificial flavorings or preservatives. One bag has 340 calories per serving and 10 grams of plant-based protein.

Found in the produce aisle of some supermarkets (there’s a store locator on their site), they can also be ordered online. The one drawback for me is the product contains canola oil. But I can’t complain about the flavor and fun factor of this snack. It’s there!


Lisa Fabian

Contributing Editor

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