Tate's Lemon Cookies

Crispy Gluten-Free Cookies
a stack of crisp lemon cookies

I’ve loved this brand for years, and now Tate’s has come out with a new flavor: lemon. This new variety is buttery, crispy, light, thin, and perfectly browned, just like the Ginger Zinger cookies. 

Certified gluten free and kosher, these treats are craft baked “The Bake Shop Way.” What this means is there’s a dedication to quality, and the cookies are lovingly baked and deeply delicious.

Not too sweet, I’ve found these cookies to be a tasty accompaniment to tea. If you like a less tart lemon flavor that’s still bright and sunny, these gluten-free cookies are worth seeking out.

Available in retail locations, or online where 3 7-ounce packs retail for $18.


Lisa Fabian

Contributing Editor

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