Thaiwala Tea

Enjoy authentic Thai tea at home.
Milk and thai tea being poured into a glass

One of my favorite types of food is Thai. When I go out for it, I often order Thai iced tea. I love the robust flavors, intriguing orange color, and creamy consistency.

But sometimes I want this drink without having to go out to get it. With Thaiwala’s Thai Tea black tea concentrate, I’ve been enjoying it at home. 

Thaiwala says they’re obsessively authentic. They ethically source their herbicide- and pesticide-free tea from a small farm in Northern Thailand. Thaiwala knew it would be a good product when they saw swarms of honeybees hovering over the organic herbs on the farm.

Brewed black tea, pure cocoa extract, organic pandan leaf, organic vanilla flavor, and organic caramel syrup (organic cane sugar and water) blend together to create a first-of-its-kind tea concentrate for home consumers.

Thaiwala won a silver medal in the tea category from the Specialty Food Association in 2021, so when they say on their packaging that it’s crazy good, it really is.

Thaiwala’s goal was to make the tea 100 percent natural without sacrificing flavor. I think it smells and tastes as authentic as restaurant versions. It’s not bitter and has a smooth, rich, and balanced flavor.

Easy to make, just add your favorite type of milk and an equal portion of the concentrate. Heat or chill for hot or iced tea. I add bobas (tapioca pearls) for an iced bubble tea.

Thaiwala comes in unsweetened and original versions in aseptic containers that make approximately 8 servings each.

Their website has a store locator, or links to purchase the tea from retailers. Each 32-ounce container costs approximately $6.


Lisa Fabian

Contributing Editor

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