Get Your Juice On!


Feeling nostalgic about summer coming to a close? Prolong the sensation of summer with vibrant and refreshing juice blends. Juicing is a quick and beneficial tool to support health. Even as the warm weather fades, recipe books for juice rookies, veterans, and everything in-between will encourage you to start juicing now, and continue as the months go on.

The Complete Book of Juicing by Michael T. Murray, N.D. ($14.99, Clarkson Potter/Publishers, 2013)

Called the “definitive bible of the raw juice movement,” this juicing guide covers the nutritional benefits of fresh juice made from fruits and veggies. It contains over 150 recipes, and answers common questions on juicing. Recipes include Popeye’s Power Drink for energy and Salad in a Glass if you want the low-calorie nutrients of a salad without having to eat one. Also provided are ideas for children such as Green Drink for Kids comprised of spinach, strawberries, lemon, apples, and pears, and a resourceful recipe for frozen ice pops made from leftover juice and toothpicks. Perfect for a summer chill or a quick after-school snack once the academic year begins!


Easy Juicing by Nicola Graimes ($14.95, Duncan Baird Publishers, 2014)

If you’re new to the world of juicing, this book provides easy-to-follow steps, guidelines, and recipes for creating juice blends. It includes what you need to get started, including the notion that you don’t need an expensive juicer. Cheaper models and even some blenders will do the trick! Colorful recipes for juices, smoothies, coolers and quenchers, and pick-me-ups and revivers fill the pages of this inspiring book. Blends such as the Cold Zapper, which helps fight off colds, and the Sleepy Head, a sleep-inducing juice for all seasons, are useful for everyday challenges.


Juice It! by Robin Asbell ($18.95, Chronicle Books, 2014)
Not only does this book contain flavorful juice recipes for energizing, healing, relaxing, and pure pleasure, it also provides alternative uses for juice blends. Have the time to prepare a sit-down meal for your family? Try using juice blends as a sweet glaze for vegetables or cooking stew with half stock and half vegetable juice!


Superfood Juices by Julie Morris ($16.95, Sterling, 2014)

Already a juicer? Try using even more nutritious ingredients as described by Julie Morris in this book. While she explains that there is nothing wrong with simple fruit mixes, Morris wants us to experience the full benefits of healthy food. Superfoods perfect for juicing include grasses and sprouts, greens, fresh herbs, berries, seeds, roots, and fruit such as pomegranate. Add these into your juice blends for increased nutrition! Also provided are juice and healthy treat recipes, examples of juice cleanses, and handy tools including conversion charts and substitution cheat sheets.


Diana Pimer

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