Vibrant Blue Oils

a selection of essential oils from Vibrant Blue Oils

Essential oils can be expensive, particularly those that are high in quality. This brand does not come cheap; the bottles retail for approximately $36 each. Still, I like this particular line because they offer blends. Yes, I could blend my own, but the manufacturer has done the messy work for me. They conveniently offer formulas that address specific physical, mental, and emotional needs. These include blends for anti-inflammation, brain boosting, or circulation, as well as bladder, liver, or thyroid support—to name a few of the offerings.

Of the Vibrant Blue Oils I’ve tried, a favorite of mine is Calm. This blend helps lessen anxiety and reduces stress and feelings of overwhelm. I apply a few drops over my heart area and pretty much immediately begin to feel a little more at peace. Calm is comprised of blue tansy, orange, patchouli, tangerine, and ylang ylang essential oils.

Another blend I’ve found helpful is Parasympathetic. I apply this one consisting of distilled lime and clove bud essential oils behind my ears to stimulate my vagus nerve.

Vibrant Blue Oils are organic and/or wild-crafted and come bottled in dark blue glass bottles to preserve the oils’ benefits.


Lisa Fabian

Contributing Editor

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