Seven Things to Do with Turmeric


Some may think turmeric is just a simple spice, but it can be used for a variety of healthy purposes. Keep reading to learn how turmeric can benefit you, both in spice or gel-cap form.

Follow Healthy Diet Trends

The herb turmeric became a popular search and hashtag trend in 2016 and is continuing to fuel social-media chatter in the new year.

Add Spice to Your Life

An international Indian spice, turmeric can zest up many dishes. Add it to your next bowl of lentil curry.

Combine It with Other Natural Power Players

Turmeric could be even more helpful to the joints when combined with oregano or ginger oil for natural pain relief. North American Herb and Spice has released a variety of products with these helpful combinations. Check out their Turmerol gel caps, created with the purest known wild turmeric extract. While other farm-based extracts may contain pesticides or other residues, this potent extract goes through a steam process which rids the gel caps of harmful toxins.

Reduce Joint Pain

Feeling the pain after a workout or physical activity? Turmeric can help ease and strengthen your joints. The spice contains an active ingredient called curcumin, also active in Turmerol gel caps, which reduces inflammation similarly to aspirin. Click here to learn more.

Soothe Your Stomach

If you are struggling with digestive issues, adding turmeric into recipes like soups and teas can help. Turmeric, a carminative spice, can also help relieve unwanted flatulence.

Feed Your Heart

Like ginger and garlic, turmeric has anti-inflammatory and blood-thinning properties that help blood move smoothly through the heart. Discover more healthy heart foods.

Love Your Liver

If you’re looking for a healthy detox, experts say that turmeric can help prevent and restore liver damage from various toxins.

Don't Like The Taste?

Looking for a delicious way to add turmeric to your day?


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