Healing Frequencies

Boost your mind, body, and soul.
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From age-old drumming circles to today’s concerts, humans have long turned to music to uplift and heal. 

Ancient Tones for Modern Life

Centuries ago, Benedictine Monks incorporated what’s known as Solfeggio frequencies into Gregorian chants. Even before that, the use of the ancient Solfeggio scale could be traced to Biblical times.

Unfortunately, the healing properties of the original six-tone Solfeggio scale was lost in history for some time. It was replaced by the modern twelve-tone scale, still used by today’s musicians. This twelve-tone scale is said to limit our consciousness, repress our intuition, and be out of sync with our natural world, thus possibly contributing to disease and distress.

Listening to Solfeggio frequencies, on the other hand, can help with physical healing and spiritual growth.

These frequencies are mathematically consistent with universal patterns and can offer profound healing effects due to their unique vibrational qualities.

Modern Usage

Also known as Quantum healing frequencies, sacred frequencies, and sound healing, these tones are being rediscovered by healing enthusiasts and music lovers who enthusiastically embrace their ethereal sounds.

Reported benefits include help enhancing spiritual awareness, aiding with deep healing, and increasing personal awakening.

Solfeggio frequencies, as well as other healing sound frequencies, can offer profound effects. It’s not unusual for listeners to report that their lives improved and their spiritual paths were enhanced after regularly listening to these tones.

Feel the Frequencies

Here are some healing sounds, along with their associated chakras and reported benefits. Each frequency carries its own significance and can assist with emotional, mental, and spiritual states.

Listening to these frequencies consistently can increase spiritual awakening, deep healing, and a harmonic connection to the universe.

Known Healing Frequencies
Frequency Known for Chakra Uses
174 Hz foundation frequency  
  • relieves stress, tension, and pain
  • promotes inner strength and security
  • creates a foundation for personal growth
285 Hz healing frequency  
  • boosts healing
  • helps heal tissues
  • restores cells
396 Hz* liberating frequency root chakra
  • transforms grief into joy
  • helps release fear and negativity
  • assists with overwhelming emotions that block personal growth
417 Hz* resonating frequency sacral chakra
  • combats negativity and trauma
  • helps change perspective
528 Hz* love frequency solar plexus chakra
  • increases feelings of love
  • assists with personal transformation
  • promotes positive energy and DNA repair
  • enhances creativity
639 Hz* connecting frequency heart chakra
  • promotes compassion, peace and harmony
  • attracts love
  • raises positive energy
  • brings harmony to relationships by enhancing understanding, communication, and tolerance
741 Hz* awakening frequency throat chakra
  • removes toxins from the body
  • promotes problem solving
  • enhances intuition
  • stimulates personal growth
  • frees emotional restrictions
852 Hz* intuition frequency third eye chakra
  • enlightens higher self
  • awakens intuition
  • increases spiritual insight
963 Hz universal frequency crown chakra
  • creates a connection to higher consciousness and the Universe
  • enhances spiritual practices
1074 Hz spiritual frequency  
  • associated with spiritual growth
  • connects to the divine and higher consciousness
1152 Hz spiritual purification  
  • cleanses body, mind, and spirit
  • releases negative energies
  • helps with inner transformation
1174 Hz balance frequency  
  • harmonizes energy within the mind and body
  • restores energetic and emotional equilibrium
  • helps create a sense of peace and balance from life’s stressors
2172 Hz spiritual enlightenment  
  • aids in profound spiritual experiences
  • expands awareness
  • promotes enlightenment

*These are the six original Solfeggio tunes.

Using the Frequencies

If you’re interested in incorporating the power of tone into your life, search online for healing frequency videos. YouTube is a popular place to start. Listen to videos of the different frequencies to see which appeals most to you.


When you find one you like, settle into a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Consider wearing headphones to help drown out noises and distractions. Set the volume to low or medium-low. Get into a relaxed state.

Keep in mind that consistency is key when it comes to experiencing the full range of benefits that frequencies offer.

Don’t be surprised if unexpected emotions come up during a listening session. There’s a reason for this: these feelings are arising in order for you to heal them.

In Food

If listening to music’s not your thing, know that even food is being infused with frequencies.

One creative chocolatier is raising the vibration of confections with 528 Hz, known as the “love” frequency. This particular tone resonates with the heart chakra, assisting in personal transformation.

Yet another reason to indulge in chocolate therapy.

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