organic protein powder

You walk into a store, and you notice that the organic section is expanding like wildflowers. The world of organic products has become increasingly popular, going well beyond fitness and health buffs. The general public now also embraces the benefits of clean, organic products in their daily lives. Consumers are demanding better and healthier products and are getting smarter about what they purchase and consume, and the same can be said about their proteins and supplements. This isn’t a fad like everyone originally thought, and organic is here to stay!

If you are adding protein to your diet, you may be consuming some of it in powder or liquid form. If you want to go clean even with your protein, consider PhytoPro-V. If you read the label, you will discover that this protein is not full of fillers, and there is no artificial or unnatural sweeteners. The product is also low sodium and extremely low in heavy metals (many other vegan proteins have been tested very high! See the Natural News report). It is also GMO free, meaning there is no exposure to pesticides, which is critical for it to be truly organic. There is no legislation or federal regulation on what is classified GMO free, so always read the ingredients label of everything you consume.

Things to look for when you are buying organic proteins:

  • Added ingredients like corn and soy.
    Be cautious with these, as 90 percent of corn and soy grown in the USA and elsewhere has been genetically modified. Soy has been linked to hormone disruption. Corn, a carbohydrate, is added to many proteins as a filler. PhytoPro-V is soy- and corn-free, keeping it low in carbohydrates. 
  • Added sweeteners.
    There are different kinds of sweeteners, ensure that the product you choose contains natural plant byproducts instead of anything artificial. Certain artificial sweeteners have been known to kill good bacteria in the gut. PhytoPro-V is sweetened with natural Stevia.
  • Look beyond protein.
    A protein product should ideally deliver additional benefits beyond protein, including replenishing nutrients depleted during training or from the stresses of life. Look at the label; PhytoPro-V offers plenty of additional green benefits.

There are many quality, clean protein powders on the market, but few raise the bar extremely high with their ingredients and taste great. PhytoPro-V packs a punch with all its benefits and truly organic ingredients.