Benefits of Tea for the Liver and Eyes

 tea pot with chinese tea

Protecting Your Vision

A cup of hot tea may help protect your vision. A new study found significantly lower rates of glaucoma among daily tea drinkers. Glaucoma causes a buildup of fluid in the eye, causing pressure that damages the optic nerve. It is a leading cause of blindness.

“Interestingly, it was only hot, caffeinated tea that was associated with a lower glaucoma risk,” said UCLA researcher Anne Coleman, MD, PhD. Decaffeinated hot tea, regular or decaf coffee, and iced tea did not have the same effect.

Helping Your Liver

Drinking coffee or herbal tea may protect the liver from hardening due to scar tissue (also known as fibrosis). In a study of more than 2,400 people, those who drank herbal tea or three or more cups of coffee per day had healthier livers compared to those who did not drink herbal tea or who drank less coffee.

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