Natural Strategies for Asthma

Mediterranean salad, with foods of a mediterranean diet, helpful to those with asthma

Supplements to Control Asthma

There are many botanicals that can help us control asthma symptoms.

  • Medicinal Mushrooms

    Medicinal mushrooms are well known for their ability to balance immunity and modulate inflammation. One variety, Cordyceps sinensis, has been shown to reduce airway inflammation in animals.

  • Vitamin D

    Another issue can be vitamin deficiency, particularly vitamin D. One study found that reduced vitamin D levels were closely linked to reduced lung function. 

  • Ginger

    Ginger can be useful. One study found that it can open up airways by relaxing smooth muscle. 

Antiinflammatory Diet for Asthma

The Mediterranean diet (which emphasizes fruit, veggies, olive oil, lean protein, legumes, and whole grains) is known for its anti-inflammatory effects. People who adopt it often lower their risks for heart disease and cancer.

This approach also seems to work for asthma. A study conducted in New Zealand found that asthma patients who switched to a Mediterranean diet did better than those who stayed with their existing food plan.

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