First Day of School Bento

Make the day an even more special one.
a bento box with heart-shaped sandwiches, homemade fruit snacks, cubed cheese, and veggie sticks.
Prep Time: 
10 minutes (plus one hour or overnight cooling)
Number of Servings: 
Recipe Source: 
Bento by Yuki & Noriko ($15.99, Race Point Publishing, 2020)


  • Homemade Fruit Snacks
  • Cut-out sandwiches (nut-butter and jelly sandwiches, cut with cookie cutters)
  • Hard-boiled egg, shaped in a mold
  • Cheese of choice, cubed
  • Vegetable of choice, cut into sticks


  • Cookie cutters
  • Egg mold


  1. Make a large batch of fruit snacks ahead of time and keep them in the refrigerator.
  2. Hard-boil the egg, cut the vegetable sticks, and cube the cheese the night before.
  3. In the morning, make the cut-out sandwiches.


Here are some tips on what to pack in a bento filled with love for little children who are starting school, especially for the first time:

  • Pack something they like, and don’t overpack. You don’t want to make them feel bad for not finishing the food you made.
  • Make it fun (just a little). It takes only a few extra minutes to cut out sandwiches into fun shapes or mold hard-boiled eggs.

Here's the fruit snack recipe...

They're adorable, easy, healthy, and tastier than store-bought!


Yuko and Noriko

Yuko and Noriko launched Japanese Cooking 101 in 2012 to show the world how to make fresh, simple, and tasty Japanese meals that can be prepared at home by everyone.

Yuko and Noriko grew up in Japan watching their mothers and grandmothers prepare food at home. Norika is also a professionally trained pastry chef.

They create recipes based on those memories, as well as their own years of experience cooking at home for their families. They both live in San Diego, California.