Healthy Hashtags and Trends of 2016

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This year, people took to the web to search and tweet a variety of fitness and nutrition topics. Enjoy this compilation of some of the most popular online trends of 2016.

What Did We Search?

According to Google stats, those searching health or alternative health topics focused on fitness and food.

Here are a few notable top searches.

Fitness Trackers: A variety of fitness tracking apps and accessories has hit the market. They monitor steps, heart rates, and more as users do daily activities or workouts.

Smoothies/Detox: In Google’s fitness category, users explored smoothies, juices, and detox diets. Other notable searches involved veganism and vegan recipes. 

Oils: Similarly to last year’s list, essential oils and coconut oil sparked interest among Google searchers. Learn more about essential oils by clicking here.

Turmeric: This spice aids digestion and eases joint pain. It is also a popular search term. Try these tips for using turmeric.

Healthy Hashtags

While 2016 saw some recurring hashtags, including #Yoga and #PaleoDiet, it also saw a growth of nutrition, fitness, and inspirational workout hashtags on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media. Here are a few:

#AcaiBowls/#PowerBowls: This breakfast bowl features the heart-healthy acai berry, native to palm trees of Brazil! The recipe also includes oatmeal and fruit. This treat has taken off on Twitter and Instagram. Healthy food bowls in general have become popular in 2016, gaining recognition as “power bowls." Stay berry healthy by learning more!

#FitFam: This hashtag is used to describe families or groups of people who workout or achieve fitness goals together. While it often chronicles gym time, photos and posts have also discussed outdoor or home activities as well.

#FitLife/#FinSpiration/#FitJourney: Similarly to FitFam, FitLife and FinSpiration are used when discussing fitness or lifestyle trends that may involve working out or nutrition. They are also used for motivation purposes when users post workout-related quotes or photos. FitJourney may be used for motivation as posters use the hashtag to show their progress in areas such as healthy weight loss or achieved workout goals.

#GetMoving: Just as it sounds, this hashtag is used on posts that inspire others to do more physical activity.

#InstaGood/#Fitstagram: These Instagram-specific hashtags are often used to show fitness images, as well as images of healthy meals that posters have made.

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