European Baby Formula in the USA

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What’s the best European Formula available in the USA?

We know Moms want the best for their baby and are dedicated label readers. European baby formulas are known for their superior ingredients and quality standards. So, what is the best European baby formula? Read on to learn about important criteria to consider.

You’ve made the choice to use baby formula – and you want the best. European food standards are different from those in the US, where all genetically modified foods and ingredients must be declared. Great European baby formula starts with high quality non-GMO ingredients.

Closer to mother’s milk or short ingredients list?

Moms who want a high quality European formula often seek the ‘purest’ formula – which may be interpreted as one with a shorter ingredient list. But, is “less” really “more” when it comes to baby formula?

It’s tempting to want formula with simple and familiar ingredients, but this ‘golden’ rule of food for adults cannot be applied to the complexities of baby formula.

Know the gold standard

Breast milk is the gold standard in infant nutrition. This is very important to know and to keep in mind. This means that parents who have made the decision to formula-feed should choose a baby formula modeled after key breast milk attributes.

While breast milk is dynamic, complex and impossible to replicate, here are some important features to consider:

  • Lactose is the main carbohydrate
  • The proteins are gentle on tiny tummies
  • It contains more whey than casein proteins
  • Certain fats are found in specific structures

Now that you know the gold standard, here’s what to look for in best baby formula:

  • Lactose as the main carbohydrate
  • Naturally easy to digest proteins (such as goat milk)
  • An adapted whey to casein ratio
  • Fat that is modeled after important breast milk fats

Kabrita goat milk formula: European formula inspired by mother’s milk

The Kabrita Difference is simple: a high quality European formula modeled after breast milk, designed to maintain the natural comfort of your little one during feeding transitions, such as weaning, supplementing or changing formulas due to skin or tummy troubles.

Kabrita goat milk formula contains naturally easy to digest goat milk protein, added whey, lactose as the main carbohydrate and important fat modelled after breast milk fats. Kabrita goat milk formula is available for sale on shelves across the US.

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Dr. Annie Salsberg, ND

Dr. Annie Salsberg, ND, is the Senior Manager Medical Engagement & Education at KABRITA USA. Dr. Salsberg previously worked as faculty at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and held research positions at several hospitals. Dr. Salsberg has been published in print and online publications, and she has been featured on radio and television programs as an expert on child nutrition.