#HealthyHashtags and Trends of 2015

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As 2015 comes to a close, the Web is buzzing as the top trends are being reported on Google, Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks. Among the selfie craze and trending movies like Star Wars and Hunger Games, some health topics have also gained notoriety on search engines and social media. 

Here are the top seven internet health trends of the year, found on Google, Twitter, and Facebook.

7. #Yoga: The two top Google searches in the “Workout and Exercise” category involved yoga. This strategy merges stretching, meditation and other beneficial physical techniques.

6. #Flu and #Immunity: This year, people used searches and hashtags to prevent winter illness. In fact, the flu was the number one Google symptom search of 2015. Learn more about how you can boost immunity here

5. #Sangria: This beverage was the top searched cocktail of 2015. It is a sweet blend of red wine and fruit. For a more healthy, non-alcoholic option, try this mocktail.

4. #PaleoDiet: Paleo is short for Paleolithic. With this diet, which was the third most searched diet on Google this year, a person consumes food that cavemen or early humans would eat. It is often called “caveman cuisine.” A variation of this strategy is the Pegan diet, which merges Paleo and vegan guidelines.

3. #Pumpkin: During fall and late summer months each year, one thing is certain — many people were loving pumpkin recipes. More specifically, popular pumpkin searches and Twitter hashtags involve pumpkin spice, flavoring, and coffee

2. #BeardBalm: This natural personal care oil is used to help men freshen up their beards. This topic took off during #Movember and #NoShaveNovember. Each year during this month, men are encouraged to grow facial hair for various health causes.

1. #JustDoIt: This command “blew up the Internet” after it was stated by actor Shia LaBeouf in a green-screen video that went viral. Although the context of his words may not have been solely about health, many took to social media using the hashtag and GIF when tweeting or posting about life or workout goals. If Shia doesn't motivate you, click here for more inspirational quotes.

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