Krill Oil for Women

A Supplement for Women’s Health and Beyond
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Exercising regularly, staying hydrated, eating a balanced diet and getting enough sleep are all essential, but often, there are times when our bodies need that extra dose of nutrition simply because our daily diet just isn’t cutting it.

Supplementation may be necessary to help bridge the nutritional gap, and luckily in today’s market, there is no shortage of options when it comes to good quality dietary supplements, especially for women.

Krill oil is a good option when it comes to women’s health, and there are many reasons why. As a marine phospholipid complex of choline and omega 3s EPA and DHA, krill comes with a multitude of benefits and there is no other supplement that provides these vital nutrients in such an efficient delivery form that krill oil can.

Krill for PMS Symptoms

Women commonly experience the monthly, unpleasant effects of pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS). There are a multitude of emotional and physical symptoms of PMS including, but not limited to, fatigue, headaches, bloating, irritability, depression, overall increased emotional sensitivity and more. It is estimated that 3 out of 4 menstruating women have experienced symptoms associated with PMS. 40% of women report PMS and, in 2-10% of cases, symptoms are severe enough to affect a woman’s daily routine. Luckily, krill oil can help manage the physical and emotional symptoms of PMS.

Other Benefits of Krill

  • Skin Health

    Omega 3s play a role in maintaining the hydration and elasticity of the skin.

  • Heart Health

    Krill oil has shown to have beneficial effects related to heart health, such as lowering fasting triglyceride levels which is a risk factor for coronary heart disease.

  • Joint Health

    Omega 3s play an important role in regulating inflammation in the body, which can have a crucial impact in protecting our joints throughout life.

  • Brain Health

    Phospholipids assist in the transportation of omega-3 DHA across the blood brain barrier.

  • Eye Health

    Omega 3s are especially important to help keep your eyes healthy, with the highest concentration of DHA in the body found in the retina.

  • Liver Health

    Choline is important for maintaining healthy liver function and aid in the proper metabolism of fat.

Key Nutrients in Krill Oil

Krill’s role in providing all of these benefits comes from its health-promoting omega-3 nutrients (EPA & DHA), phospholipids, choline, and astaxanthin.

  • Omega 3s EPA & DHA

    • Known as essential fatty acids
    • “The good fats” 
    • Widely researched nutrients 
  • Phospholipids

    • Known as the “molecule of life” and are essential to our health
    • Natural, integral parts of cells
    • Helps maintain the strength, flexibility, and integrity of cells and cell membranes 
    • Helps omega-3s integrate into the blood cell membranes leading to a high level of omega-3s 
  • Choline

    • An essential nutrient for overall health and healthy body function 
    • Supports vital organs such as the heart, muscles, and liver
    • Needs to be obtained from our diet with support from supplementation with krill oil to reach optimum levels
  • Astaxanthin

    • A natural antioxidant that gives krill oil its red color
    • Protects krill oil from oxidation and eliminates the need to add artificial preservatives

Is Krill Oil Sustainable?

We take omega-3 supplements such as krill oil as part of a healthy lifestyle, but at the same time, it’s important to know if these supplements come from sustainable sources. The health of the planet is naturally linked to the health of an individual, and krill oil is a sustainable option. 

There is no question that krill oil offers head-to-toe benefits, but it is also sustainable and traceable. As a pure and plentiful source, krill lives near the bottom of the food chain and is harvested in the pristine waters around Antarctica. Krill is a plentiful source as one of the largest biomasses on earth.

Where Can I Get Krill Oil?

If you are you ready to make krill oil a part of your daily regimen, now is the time. You can find krill oil at your local supermarket, health and wellness store or big box retailer in the supplements aisle. More information about krill oil can be found at

Superba Krill oil is a next generation phospholipid-complex, with omega-3s and choline straight from the pristine waters of Antarctica.


Aker Biomarine

Aker BioMarine was created because of their strong belief in the positive health effects of krill. More than a decade later, the business continues to grow because they take care of the ecosystem we harvest in. To them, it makes no sense to take something out of the ocean to improve our health, if it simultaneously compromises the health of the ocean. Ensuring the well-being of the krill biomass and contributing towards a thriving Antarctic ecosystem are among their core priorities.