Think you know krill oil? Think again!

You probably think of krill oil as an alternative to fish oil that supports heart health. You aren’t wrong, however, over the last decade we’ve learned so much more about the advantages of krill oil and how it goes way beyond being just another omega-3 alternative.

Backed by clinical research, krill oil delivers key nutrients in the most effective way, which is at the cellular level. There are many reasons why you should add krill oil to your daily routine, and we are shining the light on three important areas—from the old way of thinking about krill oil to the new and improved way.

Three ways krill oil supports health and wellness

Support at the cellular level

  • Old way: Krill oil supports omega-3 levels.
  • New way: Krill oil works at the cellular level.

Krill oil is a multi-nutrient that is it naturally made up of high-quality omega-3 EPA & DHA, choline and an antioxidant called astaxanthin. The real magic of krill oil is linked to its phospholipid advantage, which is how the body recognizes and absorbs these nutrients.

Phospholipids are known by many as "molecules of life," and they are an integral part of the cell membranes contributing to cellular structure and function. Krill oil phospholipids deliver omega 3s and choline directly to the cell membranes helping to support cellular health. Those nutrients are then transported throughout the body into your organs and tissues helping to support optimal well-being.

Cellular health, in many regards, is one of the most important factors of overall health, and krill oil phospholipids work at the cellular level. You cannot have a healthy body without healthy cells.

With the highest concentration of phospholipids, Superba Krill® oil is the best quality krill oil that can be found in many trusted brands.

Benefits for men and women

  • Old Way: Krill oil is for heart health.
  • New Way: Krill oil has multiple health benefits from heart to women’s health and everything in between.

There’s no doubt that Superba Krill oil supports heart health, but through years of research we’ve learned that it naturally has head-to-toe benefits for all ages. 50+ human clinical trials on Superba Krill oil, including women’s health, exist today.

Women’s health is one of the largest growing concerns for females starting at an early age.

Published human clinical research has shown that Superba Krill oil supports the emotional symptoms of PMS such as stress. It is also clinically proven to increase the omega-3 index (the measurement of EPA & DHA in the red blood cells), as well as lessen the severity and frequency of PMS symptoms.

Furthermore, it has positive effects on skin health, helping to strengthen the skin’s barrier function and promoting hydration and elasticity.

Ideal for all ages and life stages

  • Old way: Krill oil is ideal for older people.
  • New way: Krill oil is perfect for healthy aging and proactive care for all.

For elderly adults, Superba Krill oil helps them stay healthy and active longer, while the younger generation can take krill oil as a long-term health solution.

When you are young, developing good habits early can protect your body as you get older. But as you age, the focus shifts to maintaining your health, especially for seniors who need consistent, daily support.

Keeping your body healthy is a lifelong journey, and krill oil helps to support health at every age and stage.

The science behind Superba Krill oil ranges from general health and wellness to condition specific health areas such as heart, liver, cognitive, joint, muscle, sports performance, skin, eye, and women’s health.

Tips for choosing krill oil

Focus on quality

  • Pro Note: Not all krill oil is the same!

A quality krill oil product is ruby red in color and doesn’t have any unpleasant odor or fishy aftertaste.

Phospholipids also play a key role in the effectiveness of krill oil. Your krill oil should contain at least 40 percent phospholipids to comply with the USP monograph, which is the standard for what a quality krill oil should be.

With a patent on the highest concentration of phospholipids, Superba Krill oil is the highest quality krill oil that can be found in many top brands.

In addition to its many advantages for human health, Superba Krill oil is 100 percent traceable, sustainable sourced in the Antarctic, and manufactured in the USA.

Simply look for products powered by Superba Krill oil online and at your favorite retailers!

Superba Krill oil is a next generation phospholipid-complex, with omega 3s and choline straight from the pristine waters of Antarctica.


Cashtyn Lovan

Cashtyn Lovan is the marketing director at Aker BioMarine, with over 10 years of marketing experience in the dietary supplement industry. With a background working with specialized branded ingredients, she is an expert at simplifying complex, technical information, making it easier to understand and more relevant to consumers. Cashtyn has an MBA with a certificate in marketing and BBA in marketing and graphic design from the University of Iowa.