Game Day! Football, Food & Fun

the 50-yard line on a football field

A party’s more than just food. Here are some ideas for hosting a fun and festive football-viewing party.

Super Fun Tips for Football Game Parties

  • Cut placemats out of small pieces of AstroTurf. Paint with white stripes to make goal lines.
  • Hang your favorite team’s banner above the TV to get everyone excited for the game.
  • Make a TV commercials bingo board. Draw squares on a blank board and write in the advertisements that you think will air during the game. Have everyone check them off as the party goes on.
  • Purchase mini foam fingers and have guests wear them to create a stadium feel in the living room.
  • Rate the ads. This activity is for those who love the commercials as much as the game. Print out mini signs that can be attached to wooden ice pop sticks. Guests can raise their choice of sign based on what they think of the commercial that’s airing. Ideas for signs include: “Change the Channel” and “This One’s a Winner.”
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Great Game Day Recipes!

Get into the spirit on game day by serving healthier versions of your favorite snacks. The following recipes will keep everyone nourished while watching your favorite famous rivalries.


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