Make Mine Cider!

apples and cinnamon sticks

Cider has many of the same health benefits as whole apples because of how it’s made.

Washed apples are chopped up into a mash. Then they get squeezed or pressed to get the maximum juice out of the apple pulp.

Most cider is pasteurized just long enough to kill bacteria without affecting its sweet flavor. But keep your cider chilled in the refrigerator like milk, and drink it within a few weeks.

Cooking with Cider

You can also cook with cider. Add it to veggies or roasting meats for a distinctive flavor or use cider instead of water in recipes for flavor and nutrition.

The flavor of cider depends on the varieties of apples used to make it. Different cider makers all strive for the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness in their product. Doesn’t that make you want a cold glass right now?