2024 Is Going to Be an Amazing Ride

Unlike Anything We’ve Seen in Our Lifetime
the divine feminine walking a path of cosmic spheres

I believe the great spiritual teachers of our time are mostly women. This is not surprising at a time when the sacred spaces of nature and the earth are either under attack or suffering some form of less-than-benign neglect or (worst of all) being subjected to mad science ideas that all of nature can be hacked or replaced according to humanity’s whims. 

The Divine Feminine

This is the time of the return of the Divine Feminine, the concept that there is a feminine counterpart to patriarchal spiritual structures. Some teachers guiding the way include Christina Lopes, Barbara Hand Clow, Lisa Renee, and Sandra Walter, who I was privileged to work with years ago on a Webinar project when she was still living in the wilderness on Mount Shasta. (I exclude from this list Regina Meredith, who supports transhumanism and the idea that AI-based brain implants will be a positive step for humanity.)

Barbara Hand Clow is an indigenous astrologer, conversant with the complexities of deep history (the distant past of the human species) and ancient indigenous wisdom and traditions. She and other teachers confirm that the year 2024 will be even more tumultuous than 2023 as old patterns disintegrate to make way for what’s generally called and perceived as “the New Earth.”

In the meantime, we will all be living in a rather liminal space where the old world is dying, but the new one has yet to be fully born. This is the challenge.

In a recent live event that included 3,300 people from around the world, Christina Lopes noted that 2024 will be a rocky, mind-bending ride unlike anything we’ve seen before.I especially like her approach because, as I’ve noted before in this blog, there are teachers in what I call the “light and love” school who don’t focus on the shadow at all or the intense suffering of much of humanity during this time. It’s just good vibes all-round. 

Christina, by contrast, is a spiritually-grounded realist and acknowledges the difficulties being experienced by those who are working on what we call this process of “awakening.” In the YouTube event, she said: “It’s not an easy time to be on the planet.” She also noted that feeling chaotic, uneasy, stressed, anxious, lost, or sad are part of the package.

Christina also acknowledged the enormous violence and suffering around the world as a cause of much of this. And so we continue and “carry on regardless,” staying as grounded and positive as possible through these choppy waters.

As I think about the year ahead, for some reason a line from an old David Bowie song springs to mind: “You better hang onto yourself.” So true.


Tom Valovic

Tom Valovic is a writer, journalist, and tai chi practitioner of 22 years. He is the author of Digital Mythologies, which explores the relationship between spirituality and technology. He writes about a variety of topics including healthcare, politics, technology, spirituality, and the environment. He has written articles about the relationship of culture and technology for Annals of Earth, Wisdom Magazine, The Whole Earth Review, The Boston Globe, The San Francisco Examiner, Media Studies Journal, and many other publications. Tom has been a board member at Brookline Tai Chi in Massachusetts and is co-founder of the Emergence Project.

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