Basking in Summer's Warmth

...and preparing for fall.
a group of friends watching a sunset on the beach

Summer possesses its own special kind of magic, weaving its enchantment on our emotions and thoughts, especially for our mindful souls. The sun's warmth feels like the universe's hug, energizing us to mindfully explore both the outer world and the one within. As the season unfolds, it paints our feelings with vibrant colors – from the excitement of carefree days to the bittersweet realization that all things are impermanent. Especially summer.

The Buddha taught that one way to practice mindfulness is by observing our feelings and thoughts. In the spirit of the waning days of summer, we might do this by gazing at the passing clouds without getting caught up in their drift. Summer's symphony of experiences – from the laughter of friends to the smell of fresh cut grass – can be our meditation. Or perhaps we even sit on the shore of a lake and listen to the waves roll in and out.

Practicing Gratitude for the Present Moment

Practicing mindfulness leads us to consider savoring the potential of impermanence. We can let go of clinging to the idea that summer should never end and instead cherish each day as it unfolds. Breathing in the warm air, we can feel gratitude for the present moment, just as the Buddha advised. We can find refuge in family, friends, and our communities recognizing the interconnectedness of all things.

As mindfulness seekers, let's remember that just as the end of summer brings transitions, life's journey is a constant change too. By walking mindfully through these sunlit days, we learn to dance gracefully while letting go of the summer and welcoming the next part of our existence. As fall approaches, let's honor the Buddha's teachings by immersing ourselves in the present, finding wisdom in every fleeting moment, and embracing the beauty of both the external world and the wisdom within.

Consider this quote:

The only thing that is constant is change.Heraclitus


Alyson Phelan

Alyson Phelan founded Present Moment Mindfulness and Yoga to transform lives.

She teaches science-based mindfulness solutions to individuals and organizations. She holds various degrees and certifications that support her work in the community to help build practical, accessible, and sustainable methods that work.

She is a Certified Yoga Teacher, Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, and Trauma Responsive Care Certified. Visit her blog or try an online class.