Keep a Healthy Gut to Boost Your Immunity

It's more important than ever during COVID-19.
high-fiber, vitamin-rich foods good for digestive health and immunity

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we want to do everything we possibly can to boost our immunity. Here are four simple tips to boost your immunity.

How to Support Your Immune System with Healthy Gut Bacteria

  • Eat Clean

    Our gut is the largest immunological organ in our body. Eighty percent of our immunity is created in our digestive system. That’s why a balanced gut holds the key to immunity.

    Our bodies are under constant attack from environmental toxins, agricultural toxins, food additives and medication that stretch our body’s ability to combat viruses and bacteria. We may not be able to control our environment, but we can control what we eat and drink.

    Artificial ingredients destroy the good bacteria and cause unbalance (dysbiosis) in the gut microbiota. Many plant-based yogurts contain artificial thickeners and emulsifiers, such as food gums (gellan, xanthan, guar, locust bean gum), pectin, and industrial phosphates that are foreign to our bodies and compromise gut health.

    When developing Hälsa, it was essential to us to never use a single artificial ingredient or chemical during the process or in our recipes. We want to maximize the impact of gut-loving pre- and probiotics.

    Study labels carefully and leave products containing artificial ingredients on the shelf.

  • Eat Foods That Help Probiotics Survive

    Probiotics are fragile. They are destroyed by stomach acid, heat, and time. Many supplements and beverages that tout ‘billions and billions’ of probiotics end up doing nothing for our health because they never get past the acidic environment of our stomach.

    Probiotics have to be carefully protected, which is why how you enjoy probiotics and which foods you eat them with is often more important than the amount. One billion active probiotics is enough per day.

    We developed Hälsa oatgurt to be an ideal environment for probiotics to survive. We use organic whole-grain oats in their natural, unprocessed form. That’s because whole-grain oats help neutralize acids so beneficial bacteria can survive long enough to fully benefit your digestive tract.

  • Eat Fiber-Rich Foods

    Fiber is prebiotic, which means it feeds the good bacteria in the gut. Unlike probiotics, fiber is not destroyed by stomach acid or heat.

    Including enough fiber in your diet will help you maintain healthy gut flora. Vegetables, legumes, and whole grains are all good sources of fiber. Be sure to choose organic so you don’t introduce harmful pesticides into your body.

    Most plant-based yogurts are made in a chemical-heavy process that removes fiber, thus eliminating prebiotic benefits.

    Hälsa yogurt is different. With its fiber-rich whole grain oat formula, it’s both pre- and probiotic and helps gut-loving bacteria survive and thrive.

  • Go Organic

    Conventional foods may contain traces of pesticides and herbicides used in agriculture.

    “Non-GMO certification” is not enough to protect you. For example, oat products can get a non-GMO certification even though they may have been sprayed with glyphosate (RoundUp weed killer). A recent study by Environmental Working Group found that 43 of the 45 samples of oat products tested showed traces of glyphosate.

    Eating organic is your best bet against harmful pesticides. Look for the USDA certified organic label.

    Every ingredient in Hälsa oatmilk yogurt is organic. We import our whole grain oats from Scandinavia to make sure they are the cleanest available.

    We work hard to deliver yogurt that’s clean, healthy, and packed with probiotics your body can actually use. All you have to do is enjoy it!

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Helena Lumme

Helena Lumme is the founder and president of Hälsa Foods, the maker of the first 100% clean organic oatmilk yogurt. Together with her husband and business partner Mika Manninen, Helena spent four years developing a completely new way to make plant-based products without using a single artificial ingredient.