Quit smoking. Period.

Quit smoking

If quitting smoking is on your list of resolutions for 2017, consider your menstrual cycle as part of the planning. Rising and falling levels of hormones can affect nicotine cravings in women.

“Uncontrollable urges to smoke are stronger at the beginning of the follicular phase that begins after menstruation,” said neuroscientist Adrianna Mendrek, PhD. “Hormonal decreases of estrogen and progesterone possibly deepen the withdrawal syndrome and increase activity of neural circuits associated with craving.”

Fewer than 10 percent of smokers who quit can stay smoke-free for more than a year. Women have a harder time quitting than men, even if they smoke the same number of cigarettes, according to Mendrek.

You’ll find helpful strategies for breaking the smoking habit here: http://www.tasteforlife.com/conditions-wellness/mood/quit-smoking


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Alan Siddal

Staff Writer

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