Exotic Iced Teas

Freshly made iced tea in a glass with lemon.
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Choice Organic Teas


Iced Tea Cubes for Added Flavor

Teas also make great ice cubes. Added as a clever twist to iced tea, sparkling water, lemonade, a cocktail, or as an icy refreshing freezer pop, they prevent melting cubes from diluting the beverage. To make, just brew tea with twice the usual number of tea bags, then pour the steeped tea into ice cube trays to freeze. Try the following combinations or use them as jumping-off points for your own concoctions made with your own favorites.

Delicious Iced Tea and Flavored Ice Cube Combinations

Whole Leaf Organics Chamomile Citrus Tea 

Whole Leaf Organics Chamomile Citrus Tea – Bright citrus with soothing chamomile make a soothing, caffeine-free summertime option.

Cubing Tip:

Add lemon or orange zest to the tea before pouring into trays.

Gourmet Mango Ceylon with Vanilla

Gourmet Mango Ceylon with Vanilla – This tropical tea is a great choice to revitalize throughout the day.

Cubing Tip:

Add a piece of diced mango to each cube when in the tray before freezing.

Gourmet Northwest Blackberry

Gourmet Northwest Blackberry – Herbs, flowers, and berries are infused with the essence of blackberry. Chilled, it’s perfect for long afternoons and great for kids since it’s caffeine- free. 

Cubing Tip: 

Add a fresh or frozen berry to each cube in the tray before freezing.

Original and Decaf Earl Grey

Original and Decaf Earl Grey – Oil from organic bergamot oranges, grown on family farms in the south of Italy, gives this classic tea its unique flavor. Cool it down for a sophisticated twist on traditional iced tea.

Cubing Tip: 

Add a small slice of orange to each cube when in the tray before freezing.

Original Green Moroccan Mint

Original Green Moroccan Mint – Serve it iced to friends and family on a warm day.

Cubing Tip: 

Add a mint leaf to each cube when in the tray before freezing.

Masala Chai (Black Tea)

Masala Chai (Black tea) – Spice things up: This tea blends perfectly with milk and sweetener for an authentic chai, served over ice as an alternative to iced coffee.

Cubing Tip:

Add milk or cream to the tea before pouring into trays.


For tips on how to brew the perfect cup of tea, visit Choice Organic Teas.