Mugwort Dream Tea

Ease into The Dream World
mugwort and a freshly brewed cup of herbal tea
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  • 1 part linden
  • 1 part lemon balm
  • 12 part oat tops
  • 14 part mugwort
  • small pinch of lavender


  1. Let steep for at least 15 minutes.


Sip mindfully and breathe in the vapor of the tea, and see if you don’t have a very deep night’s sleep, with dreams that you remember the next day.


Steph Zabel

Nearly a decade ago Steph Zabel created Herbstalk, a joyful community-based herbal gathering, which brings together crafters, teachers and students from across the region.

She is also a graduate of the CommonWealth Center for Herbal Medicine and holds a MSc in ethnobotany, and worked for many years in the botanical collections at the Harvard University Herbarium.​