Fall for a Doll

Apple decorated as a face


  • A large, fresh apple – the bigger, the better because they shrink
  • A vegetable peeler (for peeling and carving)
  • A paring knife or pumpkin-carving kit (a toothpick is also useful)
  • 1 cup of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of salt
  • Eyes: apple seeds, dried beans or peas, or raisins
  • Teeth: uncooked rice or barley
  • An adult to do the peeling and cutting for you


  1. Carefully peel the apple and dip it in the lemon juice mixed with the salt. Pat the apple dry.
  2. Carve out eyes, nose, ears, and a mouth. The tip of a vegetable peeler is good for making eyes.
  3. Place the head in a dry spot, but not in direct sunlight. You can hang it by the stem with a string if you want. In a few weeks, it will be dry and shrunken, and ready to “face” the world!
  4. Carefully add eyes and teeth, and even yarn or cotton “hair” if you like. You can even make a body with a clothespin or pipe cleaners, and dress your doll.
  5. Give him or her a name. We like “Mac” for boys and “Granny Smith” for girls!