Natural Tips for Sweet Doggie Breath

Dog with its tongue out

Remedies for Smelly Dog Breath

  • Ginger

    This root herb is used the world over to quell upset stomachs, which can cause bad breath. Try adding a quarter teaspoon of grated fresh ginger to food daily, depending on the dog’s size, or a similar amount of ginger powder.

  • Peppermint Essential Oil

    Peppermint not only soothes stomach upset but also freshens breath. Try putting just a drop of pure essential oil of peppermint into your dog’s drinking water.

  • Probiotics

    These digestion-friendly bacteria help promote a healthy gut so that bad breath doesn’t develop in the first place. Try breaking a capsule open daily into your pet’s food.

  • Carrot

    Add some grated or diced carrot to your dog’s regular food and it will help clean her teeth while she eats. The more bacteria you can remove from her teeth and gums, the better her breath!

  • Dill

    This mild-flavored herb has a powerful antibacterial punch that can help kill mouth-odor-causing germs. Try sprinkling some freshly chopped dill onto the dog’s food. You can also try putting a drop or two of the essential oil of dill into the water bowl.

  • Parsley

    Frequently used by humans to freshen breath, this common botanical will also help your dog ditch his bad breath. The fresh plant contains compounds like chlorophyll that help neutralize odor-causing bacteria. Sprinkle a few pinches of chopped parsley onto the animal’s food.


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