A Vegetarian and Gluten-Free Feast

friends and family enjoying a feast for special dietary needs

The star of the Thanksgiving table is often the turkey, closely followed by homemade rolls or stuffing and veggies. Gluten-free and meatless dishes are delicious, healthy and easy to include in your traditional Thanksgiving line-up.

The following is a traditional Thanksgiving menu featuring gluten-free and vegetarian options for each course.

These dishes are sure to thrill your guests with special diets while being enjoyed by the entire family.

Appetizers for All

Antipasto Skewers make a delicious and flexible appetizer. This recipe lends itself well to making multiple versions.

Change up the ingredients for your guests with special diets: it's easy to substitute ingredients to make versions that include traditional, vegetarian and gluten free.

Main Course

Our savory vegetable strudel's rich filling featuring wine, mushrooms and cashew nuts inside the crispy pastry is a delicious combination. Your vegetarian guests will love this beautiful main dish.

A wild rice stuffing with apples & dried cranberries doesn't have to be cooked inside a turkey and doesn't require bread.


A steaming basket of dinner rolls passed around the Thanksgiving table is a must. This can be tricky for your gluten-free or dairy-free guests.

This gluten-free, dairy-free cornbread is a very similar to a traditional cornbread.


A light and crunchy salad is a delicious complement on your Thanksgiving plate and lends an important balance to the heavier dishes.

This one is a crunchy, sweet salad highlighting the season's best produce.


A red quinoa pilaf with kale & corn makes a colorful and delicious side dish.

Mashed potatoes are a staple. For a delicious and healthful alternative, try these.


For a very simple dessert, try these simple-to-make crowd pleasers!


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