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Finding Balance and Calm
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I hate to admit it, but I can be moody. I wish I had a more even-keeled disposition and less of a flaring temper, but I don’t. I find overwhelming emotions easier to handle if I just accept that they’re a part of me—and a part of being human. We all have stuff to go through.

But it’s easier to go through stuff with support, and for this I look to the herbal kingdom. To alleviate despondency, anger, and depression, plant medicine has been my balm. I find positive and healing synergistic exchanges occur in my body when I take herbs.

Pure Synergy’s Radiant Mood is one such supplement that’s been supporting my healing journey. It’s formulated to assist with deeper sleep, to soothe anxiety, and to deliver a sense of calm and a better mood. Radiant Mood is comprised of sustainably harvested, wild-crafted herbs that have a long history of helping improve one’s well-being. Here’s what’s included in the formulation.

Botanical Allies

  • Rose flower to uplift mood and impart relaxation
  • Lavender flower to help calm
  • Magnolia bark for a pronounced sense of ease
  • Gardenia fruit for mood improvement
  • Saffron to help with sleep and mood support
  • Lemon balm leaf to balance the stress response
  • Albizia bark and flower to relieve anxious feelings and to assist with restorative rest

The botanicals in Radiant Mood have standardized amounts of active compounds found by research to be effective. For me, this formulation works. It helps soften overwhelming negative feelings and helps to lift despair. I feel calmer and more grounded when taking it.

Radiant Mood is non-GMO, dairy- and gluten-free, vegan, and certified organic. One bottle of 60 capsules (30 servings) costs $49.


Lisa Fabian

Contributing Editor

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