Superio Ribbed Collection Storage Bins

Clear the Clutter
taupe baskets stacked on top of each other

I love when things are organized and in their place. What I don’t love is the effort it takes to get them that way. I live in a small space, and clutter is a constant battle. The only thing that keeps the piles under control is to organize items into their own containers.

Superio’s Set of 5 Storage Bins helps me with this task. Each size saves space and keeps my drawers and countertops neat. Made in Spain from durable and high-quality plastic, this organizing collection arranges hair, makeup, and skin care products; office and school supplies; craft items; and pretty much anything you can think of into one convenient spot. 

I use the 3.5x9.5-inch container to corral spices and extracts on a shelf in the fridge. The 4.5x6.5-inch containers (there are two in the set) rest on my bathroom countertop. I use one to contain the products I apply in the morning, and the other is for those I reach for in the evening. This system works out well for me. Before organization, the countertop was an annoying jumble of bottles I hunted through to find what I needed.

The 9.5x7-inch organizer is perfect for my junk drawer, and it holds spare pens, paper clips, and other office supplies. Inside the 9.5x13-inch bin go any papers and bills I need to deal with sooner rather than later. They’re thankfully not floating around anymore. 

The design of these containers is elegant and stylish. The ribbed exterior of each offers a sophisticated look. Even when placed out in the open and on display, it’s clear these aren’t your typical box store plastic bins. I got the White Smoke color, which looks like a cross between white and a very light grey. Some other colors offered include taupe, lilac, stone blue, white, and dark grey. The 5-piece set retails for $11.99.


Lisa Fabian

Contributing Editor

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