Natural Remedies for Cold, Flu

The Medicine Cabinet

Keep these simple, natural remedies on hand in case you or your family comes down with a cold or flu:

  • Garlic—a spicy hot drink made with hot water, chopped garlic, and a little honey for sweetening can soothe upper respiratory symptoms and boost immunity against colds and flu.
  • Coconut oil—a tablespoon a day may help fight viruses and reduce the duration of your illness.
  • Olive leaf extract—take the recommended dose three times per day to increase your antiviral immune defenses.
  • Frozen chicken soup—make homemade chicken soup and freeze it to keep on hand during cold and flu season.
  • Mushroom formula—keep a high quality medicinal mushroom formula as part of your daily health regimen, and increase the dosages to help support recovery from colds and flu.

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