Individual Mini Nachos

Individual Nachos
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  • 1 bag of natural, non GMO corn chips
  • 8 oz organic shredded cheese
  • 15 oz organic black beans
  • 1 tomato, diced
  • 1 jalapeño, sliced
  • 1 container nonfat plain Greek yogurt
  • Cilantro


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Spread chips out evenly on baking sheet. 
  2. Sprinkle each chip evenly with cheese and a few beans. 
  3. Place baking sheet in the oven and bake for about 2 minutes until cheese melts. 
  4. Remove baking sheet from oven and top each chip evenly with tomatoes, jalapeño, Greek yogurt, and cilantro. 
  5. Serve immediately.


This recipe can be made vegan, with Daiya cheese and no sour cream!