Docs Say Organic Food Good for Kids


The American Academy of Pediatrics recently praised organic farming and food for these 6 reasons:

  • Lower exposure to pesticides known to cause disease
  • Lower exposure to drug-resistant bacteria
  • Higher beneficial nutrient levels such as vitamin C and phosphorus
  • Lower levels of detrimental substances such as nitrates
  • Lower pesticide exposure for farm workers
  • Lower overall environmental impact compared to conventional farming.

“It is clear that organic presents a valuable option for consumers who want to lower their families’ exposure to pesticides and antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and reduces risk to farm workers and their families from exposure to toxic pesticides while maintaining agricultural productivity,” said Christine Bushway, the executive director of the Organic Trade Association.

“With scientific research already demonstrating that pregnant women and children are uniquely vulnerable to exposure to pesticides, it is important to remember that organic food—particularly produce—is available at competitive prices at many venues, making this decision easier for parents.”

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“American Academy of Pediatrics’ Clinical Report Highlights Benefits of Organic,” Organic Trade Association, 10/22/12