Making Jam

It's easier than you think.
jars of homemade fruit jam

Not long ago when someone wanted fresh raspberries, blueberries, or other summertime fruits, they had to enjoy them when they were in season. These foods couldn’t be found year-round in the produce aisle, as they can now.

To make the harvest last, homesteaders preserved fruits into jams and jellies that could be eaten anytime—especially during the dark winter months. And while it’s true that these days you can easily buy a jar from the store, where’s the fun in that? Home cooks are rediscovering the art and thrill of making their own preserves from summer’s peak harvest.

Making Jam: Easier Than You Think

Making your own jam is not hard. Set aside a little time to enjoy this fun summer activity. The result? A taste of the season you can enjoy all year.

Our Favorite Jam Recipes

Remember: always stick to a recipe’s exact measurements and instructions! As tempting as it may be to alter the amount of something, making preserves is akin to a chemistry experiment. Change a technique or an ingredient, and you may not get the desired result.

Tips and Tricks for Making Jam

With these recipes you don’t even need to sterilize glass jars or perform a waterbath or heat process—although we’ve included instructions on how to do so, if you wish.