Muscle Synthesis Activators

for Optimal Muscle Growth and Performance
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Getting proper nutrition is critical to muscle growth. During normal activity and exercise, your body breaks down muscle proteins to prevent muscular atrophy. Your body depends on muscle proteins to stop this decay and gain muscle (muscle synthesis).

Supplements such as protein powder and branch-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are common options for providing these nutrients to your body. However, these supplements are missing key components, making them less effective.

Benefits of Muscle Synthesis Activators

Oh!mino Muscle Synthesis Activators are the next generation in performance supplements designed for optimal muscle growth and recovery. Oh!mino is complete with all nine essential amino acids (EAAs), electrolytes, and adaptogens. Oh!mino helps you gain strength, build muscle, and recover faster, regardless of your fitness level.§

  • Support Muscle Growth

    Research shows that having free amino acids in your plasma improves the rate of muscle synthesis. With all nine essential amino acids, Oh!mino is 11 times more effective for muscle synthesis than whey protein and over 20 times more effective than BCAA’s.§ Taking Oh!mino increases the amount of free amino acids, and in optimized ratios, for greater muscle gains.§

  • Improve Performance and Hydration

    Electrolytes are minerals that transport nutrients and waste throughout your body. These electrolytes ensure that the brain, heart, and muscles get the nutrients they need to perform. During exercise, electrolytes can help your body recover and increase endurance.

    While many electrolyte supplements only contain cheap mineral salts, Oh!mino contains five fully-balanced electrolytes:

    • calcium
    • magnesium
    • chloride
    • sodium
    • potassium

    Oh!mino increases endurance, athletic performance, and it can also speed up muscle recovery by 373 percent.§

  • Reduce Muscle Atrophy

    Essential Amino Acids may reduce muscle decay.§ With the use of all nine essential amino acids, Oh!mino may help maintain muscle tissue growth even without physical activity, making Oh!mino an effective supplement for not only athletes, but for those who are unable to exercise, or older Americans concerned with sarcopenia.§

Why Oh!mino Over Other Supplements?

Protein supplements like BCAAs or whey protein are helpful, but they aren’t as effective as Oh!mino. Studies show that common amino acids taken with carbohydrates reduces their effectiveness. That is why Oh!mino is optimized with the proper ratio of all nine EAAs, electrolytes, and adaptogens, and it has zero net carbohydrates.


It is critical that your body is prepared for exercise, receives hydration during workouts, and refuels after exercise. Without adequate nutrition, you aren’t getting the most out of each and every rep.

Oh!mino Muscle Synthesis Activators increase muscle synthesis and performance at a higher caliber than any other supplement in the market. It is unique in that it works pre-, intra-, and post-workout.



Oh!Nutrition, the maker of Oh!mino, is a leading brand and innovator for the nutritional supplement industry. Its founder and CEO has over 30 years of experience in supplement product, brand, and business development.

Oh!mino is designed for the fitness culture and is the fitness professional’s “secret weapon” for peak performance and serious strength and muscle gains. It has helped NFL and NBA athletes, and weekend warriors across the country, meet their fitness goals.