8 Tips for Hosting a Haunted Halloween Party

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Halloween is here! Last year, Fortune magazine predicted that Americans would be spending $6.9 billion, or—on average—$74 each on Halloween-related purchases. 

This year, you can save money by creating your own entertainment, while still promoting healthy habits. Try these easy and affordable Halloween party ideas.

  1. Go all natural with this year’s Halloween decorations with the help of fall-friendly crops. Try creating Halloween centerpieces out of pumpkins, acorns, or Indian corn to add an essence of orange and seasonal colors to each room. This also is a great strategy for a Thanksgiving dinner event!
  2. Serve festive, but healthy Halloween treat options. Homemade Coconut-Banana Ghost Pops or Witches' Toenail Trail Mix may be enjoyable for family members at any age! Need more Halloween inspiration? Check this out.
  3. If it’s a fall feast you’re planning, cook up some Turkey Pot Pie, Pumpkin Wedges, and more with the help of our easy Halloween dinner guide!
  4. Cooking a recipe passed down from generation to generation? To make sure everyone enjoys this dish, ask your guests to warn you of food intolerances beforehand to give you time to find alternative ingredients. Here are some helpful holiday cooking tips! 
  5. Set up a Halloween arts-and-crafts station! Aside from the traditional carving of jack-o’-lanterns, collect apples and use this project to bring them to life! 
  6. What good is a Halloween party without games? Put a healthy twist on a traditional doughnut-eating contest by tying these Gluten-Free Doughnuts from a string.
  7. Not a fan of cooking or DIY? If you’re just interested in treats, consider offering natural Halloween candy options. Click here for our Top 7 Halloween Candy Ideas or watch Taste for Life staff discuss their favorite natural Halloween alternatives.
  8. For the adults at the party, be sure to provide a batch of colorful and creative mocktails! 
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