Discussing Cannabis and CBD with Mieko Hester Perez

Amber Lynn Vitale and Meiko Hester Perez sit down to discuss the changing climate surrounding cannabis in the United States. Learn more about how these laws are changing, the correct terminology, the differences between hemp CBD and cannabis with THC, the health benifts of both and how these products can make a difference in your life.


Amber Lynn Vitale

Amber Lynn Vitale has practiced as a Certified Nutritionist, Ayurvedic Clinical Consultant, Advanced Bodyworker and Yoga Therapist since 1996. She’s written and produced video educational content for many publications, as well as for her own clients and an interested public audience.

Amber believes that raw materials sourcing, labeling transparency, legitimate certifications, and educational support are the criteria that set quality natural products companies apart from others. It’s her mission to educate the public on the importance of education before supplementation.