A Healthy Camping Menu

Cooking over the campfire

Food is an important part of camping, but it needs to be easy to make. It may surprise you just how healthy camping meals can be! We have prepared for you a recipe for each meal, so you'll be set for every day.

Pack up your cooler with ingredients, and get out camping—but always remember to tie up your food overnight, to keep the bears away!


Jazz up your morning at the camp site with a Mediterranean Breakfast Sandwich. More fun than the typical bagels or scrambled eggs, you'll be happy you tried it.


Prepare Chicken and Fruit Kebabs before you leave for the day and all you have to do is cook it over the fire! Easy and tasty.


Our Black Bean Chili can easily be reheated over a campfire. Get ready before your trip and reheat within minutes for a delicious meal with friends and family.


Most important is dessert. Skip the s'mores for summery Fire-Roasted Nectarines. Grill over the fire and add to a fruity berry sauce.