How to Dice an Onion (and Not Cry)

Watch how to easily dice an onion, and then use your skills in some recipes!

How to Avoid Crying When You Cut Onions

Do you cry when you chop onions? Try any of these tips to cut down on tears.

  • Reduce the Amount of Onion Fumes

    • Chill the onions first.
    • Use a sharp knife to reduce the release of tear-causing chemicals.
    • Use sweeter onion varieties, such as Vidalia or purple.
  • Ventilate While Cutting Onions

    • Use a fan to blow away the fumes.
  • How to Protect Your Nose and Eyes

    • Wear goggles.
    • Breathe through your mouth.

What can I make with my diced onion?

Ready to put your tear-free cutting skills to the test? Diced onion can go in just about anything, but these are some of our favorite recipes where it's simply essential.