A Meal of Thrones

A rustic table set with a medieval feast

We’re making it easier for you to eat the healthy meals that are popular in your favorite house! Don’t lose your head over how delicious these dishes are!

WARNING: This list contains spoilers. But, have no fear, it won’t spoil your feast!

House Baratheon

A common activity of the Baratheons is a regular hunt. As the series has shown us, Baratheon men, such as King Robert, have given their lives just to find the perfect prize. This family enjoys high protein foods, like grass-fed beef.

They also enjoy these favorites for the grill or slow-cooker:

House Bolton

One thing is certain, this house is odd, to say the least. They eat meals that are as nutty as they are, but also high in fiber, and sometimes prepare sausage when they have company over.

If you are going up north, avoid this family at all costs. But do try these meals:

Houses Greyjoy and Martell

The symbol of House Greyjoy, the rulers of the Iron Islands, is the kraken (a sea monster), and those in House Martell live in Mediterranean-like areas. Obviously, both houses really enjoy fish and recipes high in omega-3s.

Both would agree that these are delicious options:

House Lannister

A Lannister always pays back his debts—or does he? Lately, the Lannisters have been having a little trouble with this due to their large, fancy feasts. Their matriarch, Queen Regent Cersei, is said to love only a few things: power, certain family members, fermented foods—and most importantly—wine.

If you love to hate this house, you might like these options:

House Stark

Winter may be coming. To prepare for the long awaited season, the Starks started cooking early. They often snack on slow-cooker meals.

Here are a couple recipes the remaining members enjoy:

House Targaryen

The Mother of Dragons, Daenerys, has been a successful queen to many. She is immune to the dangers of fire and often thrives in hot, desert areas. She feasts on food that is equally spicy, such as Thai food.

Bring the heat with these recipes:

Outskirts of The Realm

Here's what your favorite oddball groups are eating:

Wildlings: This cavemen-like group eats fruit and vegetables of the wild. They might follow the Paleo diet.

The White Walkers: To keep their cool, these strange, zombie-like creatures enjoy feasting on cold foods, like healthy desserts.

The Night’s Watch: This group, which has betrayed many audiences, needs food that is equally dark and can help their hearts withstand The Wall. They eat dark foods like Black Bean Chili and Dark Chocolate.

Don’t forget Varys: This character has alliances with many houses and is easily disguised. To keep up his façade, he must disguise his food as well. With his vegan diet, focused on tofu, he can eat meals that look like any type of meat!


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