Summer Grilling & Chilling


Cook Up a Plan for Fun in the Sun

The warm weather is upon us and the days for outdoor parties are finally here! There are so many reasons for celebration in the summer months, birthdays, graduations, holidays and sometimes just for fun. At times, we can get stuck in a party food rut, or stress about what to plan for our next gathering. Don't worry, we have you covered! With all these reasons in this season for outdoor cooking, it is a great time to get creative and try new recipes. 

So get ready for summer fun, grilling and chilling with this great collection of recipes. 


We have a burger recipes to suit every palate. Whether vegan, vegetarian or a meat eater, there is a flavor every guest can savor!


If seafood is your delight then we are sure to have a recipe that will treat you right.


If you are looking for a healthy side or snack, take a dip into these great recipes.

Grilled Vegetables

Summer parties are a great reason to start grilling vegetables that are in season! 


This summer set the bar high and give these delicious coleslaw recipes a try.